Best Flexible Mount for Motorcycle Windscreens Compatible with Insta360, GoPro, DJI and more!

Best Flexible Mount for Motorcycle Windscreens Compatible with Insta360, GoPro, DJI and more!

Motorcycle windscreens are great spots to mount your action camera for either a rider-facing point of view or a forward facing point of view. However, it's hard to find a mount that can match the curvature of your windscreen - until now. MotoRadds chin mounts has invented and perfected the flexible action camera mount. We call it FLEX Classic. It's a more classic take on our FLEX Slim chin mount, which is a helmet mount that can be molded and bent to any helmet shape. FLEX Classic is the best mount for motorcycle windscreens of any shape or size!

Motorcycle windscreen flexible mount MotoRadds chin mounts

It's built with a cold-rolled steel inner core making it moldable to any shape. A flexible silicone coating with vibration dampening characteristics. Premium polycarbonate mounting center. Authentic 3M VHB adhesive. All held together with 4 stainless steel screws. It's over-engineered and underpriced.

FLEX Classic Mount for Windscreens, Visors, Cowls, and more!

Maybe you don't want a mount on just your windscreen. Maybe you want one on the back of your motorcycle tail like in MotoGP. You're in luck, our FLEX Classic flexible mount is the perfect solution for rear fairings, cowls, and really any other non-flat surface of your motorcycle.

Take the below image for example. It's a rear fairing with not much space and kind of a weird shape. Traditional mounts wouldn't fit well here. However, MotoRadds FLEX Classic flexible mount is perfect.
Empty rear fairing, rear cowl with no mount

This is what it'll look like after you apply a MotoRadds FLEX Classic flexible action camera mount.

flexible mount on motorcycle fairing and rear cowl

As you can see, our flexible action camera mounts bend and mold to the exact surface shape meaning you get full coverage and the perfect adhesive seal on the mounting surface.

If you're looking for the perfect flexible mount for any surface, check out our FLEX Classic flexible mount. It's the most premium built flexible action camera mount and perfect for those difficult-shaped mounting areas.

If you're looking for a great chin mount, try FLEX Slim flexible chin mounts. We proudly stand by our products and offer risk fee trials and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!