Biker Gift Guide | 7 Best Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders In 2022

Biker Gift Guide | 7 Best Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders In 2022

It's almost that time of year when we all dish out or gift ideas to our loved ones. For motorcycle riders, the most obvious best gift would be another motorcycle with a beautiful red bow over it. Reality is...that ideal gift almost never makes it to our driveways like in one of those cliche Christmas car commercials. 

The next best things that anyone can get a biker are things that make our time on the bike a lot more convenient and even just a bit more fun! Here's a list of 7 unique products that every biker would love to be gifted this year in no particular order.



This can be extremely useful to anyone on two wheels. A nice road side tool kit that includes the basics like sockets, wrenches, zip ties and even a tire repair supplies is something that all bikers can appreciate having on the road. While out on two wheels we can run into some inconveniences that these tool kits could easily solve. 


Anyone who rides knows that a regular backpack while out on a ride just doesn't cut it. They flop around and provide no relief from wind drag or fatigue. Motorcycle specific backpacks are usually quite ergonomic for being in the riding position. These bags offer great support in the form of across the body buckles that secure the bags to your chest and waist area which helps relieve any discomfort from the weight you're carrying. The best of motorcycle backpacks are waterproof, keeping all of your items completely dry in the times you might get caught in a shower. 


Motorcycle riders love to express themselves in many ways out on the road. A fun way to express any biker's personality would be with the gift of a keytag with a great statement on it! Things like "Drop A Gear And Disappear" and "Chasin Wheelies Not Feelies" are just some of the lines from these premium keytags found on Carbon Moto's Amazon Store. These can get a laugh from just about anyone and with their sweet soft carbon fiber finish - these tags wont leave a scratch on the tank and are super easy to pull out of jackets even with a pair of gloves on! Super essential!


For those who love to read - any books on motorcycles would be the perfect gift. There are hundreds of books out there, whether it be based on a certain bike brands history to even one that illustrates how one can build their own from scratch, there is plenty of topics out there and plenty of books to cover it. A pro-gift tip is if someone loves reading and working on their bike, the gift of the complete service manual for their motorcycle is something that is a game changer for doing their own maintenance which in the long run saves money.


In addition to gifting a keytag with a cool tag line on it...another way to help any biker express their true selves is with a plush motorcycle helmet cover! Taking a quick peek over at their Amazon store here, you'll find a variety of styles of helmet covers. From popular emojis to funny animals, these covers will get any biker some good attention while on the road. Not only are these a funny way to update your helmet..for those colder riding days, they actually create a nice layer of warmth while out on the road. 


Documenting our rides is not only fun, but it can also be used as a safety device. If something happens while riding, these can be easily documented to send over to any parties that would need that footage. But back to the fun of riding with an action camera - there's nothing like riding through scenic roads or with a group and then going back and watching the incredible footage captured! We all know that GoPro is one of the top notch brands out there. They often have some great sales during the holiday season so keep an eye out.


What is an action camera worth if you can't get the best angles out of it. Out of all the ways any biker can mount an action camera to capture their rides, having the camera sit on your helmets chin area is by far the best location to catch every angle of the ride. With the MotoRadds chin mounts - you get more than a few options on how to properly mount your GoPro to your helmets chin area. MotoRadds is truly a revolutionary product because it not only saves weight from having to mount 4-5 pieces of mounting also is beyond simple to install. There is even a mount specifically made to fit the Icon Airflite which is a infamous helmet to have any attachments on it. 


Motorcycle riding is a unique form of transportation which requires some unique accessories. I hope this list helps any riders get their gift wish lists set up! With gift giving season approaching it's important to get these lists going so that our loved ones can take advantage of all the upcoming sales set to hit retailers this fall.

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