The 5 Best Gifts for Motorcyclists This Holiday Season

The 5 Best Gifts for Motorcyclists This Holiday Season

The roar of the engine, the freedom of the open road, and the feeling of the wind against your face – there's nothing quite like the thrill of riding a motorcycle. If you have a motorcyclist in your life, the holiday season is the perfect time to show them how much you care with a thoughtful gift. Whether they're a weekend cruiser or an everyday rider, here are the top 5 gifts for motorcyclists that they'll surely appreciate:

  1. Helmet Communication System

    Why it's a great gift: Riding is more fun when shared. A helmet communication system allows riders to stay connected with fellow motorcyclists during group rides. It also makes it convenient for them to take calls, listen to music, or get GPS directions, all without taking their hands off the handlebars.

    Features to consider: Look for a system with good battery life, clear sound quality, and easy-to-use controls. Many modern systems offer Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless connection to smartphones. If the rider in your life needs only one system for music, GPS, and calls, then consider the Cardo Systems Spirit. If you want to gift a system you can both use, then try the 2 pack Cardo FREECOM.

  2. Action Cameras: GoPro and Insta360
    Price: $399-$499

    Why it's a great gift: Every ride can be an adventure, and what better way to capture those unforgettable moments than with an action camera? Both GoPro and Insta360 are renowned for their durability, high-resolution video quality, and user-friendly features.

    Features to consider: Check out the different models available. Some offer hyper-stabilization, while others might focus on 360-degree captures. Depending on the rider's preference, either can be a fantastic gift.

    The GoPro is a timeless action camera, but the Insta360 is an interesting newer competitor that offers 360º views so you don't miss a single riding moment.

    GoPro for motorcyclist, GoPro Hero 12 Close Up shot
  3. MotoRadds Flexible Helmet Mount
    Price: $29.99

    Why it's a great gift: While action cameras are fantastic, they need the right mount to capture the best angles. The MotoRadds flexible helmet mount is designed to offer a variety of perspectives, ensuring that riders can film their journeys from exciting and unique vantage points.

    Features to consider: Its flexibility, durability, and ease of attachment are its main selling points. It's compatible with all action cameras and the strongest, most secure, mount you can find on the market.

    Gopro chin mount on helmet close up side view

  4. Cloth or Textile Keychain (Keytag)
    Price: $12.99

    Why it's a great gift: Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference. A motorcycle-themed keytag is not only a stylish accessory but can also make it easier to grab motorcycle keys from a pocket or bag.

    Features to consider: Look for keytags with witty or inspirational quotes, or those that can be personalized. Durable stitching and high-quality material ensure they last a long time. Carbon Moto Gear has a wide selection of great keytags both in textile and carbon fiber style polyurethane leather.

    "Insert Before Flight" Carbon Fiber Keytag Motorcycle keychain
  5. Leather Motorcycle Gloves
    Price: $120-$359

    Why it's a great gift: Protecting hands is essential for any motorcyclist. A good pair of leather gloves doesn't just offer protection but also adds to the overall riding experience by providing comfort and better grip.

    Features to consider: Look for gloves with reinforced palms, knuckle protection, and adjustable wrist closures. Also, consider the climate in which they'll be used – ventilated options for warmer regions and insulated ones for colder areas. A good brand goes a long way. Be careful not to cheap out on whatever the lowest priced gloves are on Amazon. These are generally made of lower quality leather and are less comfortable. Alpinestars is a reputable brand name and starts at just over $100, some higher end gloves that will surely grab attention would be a brand like Dainese.

    steel-pro-in-gloves image number 0

    In conclusion, when it comes to gifting motorcyclists, it's all about combining practicality with passion. Each of these gifts offers a blend of function and fun, ensuring that the recipient feels both appreciated and understood. So gear up and make this holiday season unforgettable for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life!