Top 5 Best Beginner Sportbikes In 2022

Top 5 Best Beginner Sportbikes In 2022

Sportbikes are amongst the most popular styles of motorcycles. Most of them have powerful engines that are built for a racetrack, but there are a few which are suitable for beginners. Here are the 5 best sportbikes for new riders in no particular order. 


With Yamaha’s rich history of building some of the best bikes on the market, the R3 is no exception. Its lightweight and handles easily but it also packs a the right amount of punch that any beginner can have some fun with. This punch comes from its advanced forged piston design which seamlessly adds to its performance on the road. 


With the Ninja 250-300 pretty much discontinued, the Ninja 400 takes their place and does it well. It features a low comfortable seat position and handles easy. Compared to the old 250 and 300, this bike was redesigned in 2018 to sport fairings that resemble those on the Kawasaki H2 and the ZX-10R. Not a bad look for a beginner bike!


Many people point new riders towards KTM’s popular naked bike, the Duke 390, but the RC390 deserves some of the attention. It’s fully faired and cuts through wind and corners beautifully. This bike has stiff suspension which makes that possible. It features an aggressive forward leaning position which most other beginner bikes don’t have. If you want that feeling of a bigger displacement bike, this is the one for you!


Yes, this bike is a smaller displacement than the other mentioned but it should go ignored. The ergonomics of this bike look close to Suzuki’s bigger displacement models with a more forward seating position. It’s riders always love to mention how well it does on highways despite being a 249 cc machine. 


This is the largest displacement on this list, but it really isn’t overly powerful despite that. This motorcycle features Honda’s new slipper clutch design that eases gear transition which is great for new riders. It features a dual exit exhaust system that improves exhaust flow and reduces engine noise and heat. The straight profile air-cleaner maximizes the exhaust and the redesigned internal oil pump reduces friction and improves aeration. A lot of fancy words but this bike was built quite sophistically. 


With this list you'll be sure to be getting some of the best beginner sportbikes on the market. But most things look great on paper but in person it may be a different story. I recommend everyone to take a trip to their local dealerships and get a real feel for any motorcycle you are considering to buy. Take it out for a test ride or even take a seat on it and see how it feels. Those are the best ways to see if any motorcycle is the right fit for you!



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