Why 3D Printed Helmet Chin Mounts Are Overpriced and Unreliable

Why 3D Printed Helmet Chin Mounts Are Overpriced and Unreliable

We've seen concerning products floating around... 3D printed motorcycle helmet chin mounts for GoPro. The most concerning things about these products are the high price but low quality. The 3D printed mounts we've seen have been around the $30-$40 price point, which is a fine price point for a customized product that's well made. That's the problem though, these are not well made. They are made of cheap, 3D print filament. The same quality of filament we make our prototypes with (and we'd never trust our prototypes to be used as a daily product). The same filament that warps easily when exposed to continuous sun, rain, and wind.

Let me ask you something, would you trust your head with a 3D printed helmet? If your answer is no, then why would you trust your expensive action camera or GoPro with a 3D printed product? Our mounts are made of the same polycarbonate that most DOT and SNELL rated helmets are made of. They're engineered to not only be strong, but also lightweight and aesthetic. 

As if you need any more reasons as to why the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro is the best option, we're also generally cheaper than those 3D printed options and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our mounts. Maybe you take a small spill on your motorcycle, or your relative's children get a hold of your helmet, whatever the circumstances may be, if that mount gets damaged, you're covered for life.

Don't get me wrong, 3D printing is an amazing technology and has certain applications that it's great for. However, in all weather conditions holding a $400 piece of tech is not the place. Injection molded chin mounts are the safest and cheapest options.

You can check out all of our helmet chin mounts for GoPro here!