AGV Pista/Corsa/K1

The AGV Pista/Corsa helmets are some of the most sought after helmets in the motorcycle world, and for good reason - they. look. incredible. However, aesthetics that good come at a price, and it's not cheap. Your helmet chin mount shouldn't look cheap either. It should maintain the high standard aesthetic design that AGV helmets hold themselves to. That said, it's hard to find a good chin mount for AGV Pista/Corsa helmets... well, it used to be.

MotoRadds released their Chin Mount for AGV Pista/Corsa last year and since then, it's been a hit. This chin mount was designed with aesthetics just as importantly as functionality. When you're spending $700-$1,400 on a helmet, you don't want your chin mount to look like a tumorous blob of plastic. You want edges, you want curves, you want a sleek look. Aesthetics should never be an afterthought on such a prominent addition to your helmet. 

The MotoRadds Chin Mount for AGV Pista/Corsa helmets is the best looking chin mount and the best priced chin mount on the market. Don't settle for anything less.

Below is an image that highlights exactly how the AGV mount is placed on the helmet. This mount follows the AGV aesthetic so well that we had to lighten the opacity just to make sure you don't miss it. As a bonus, this chin mount also fits the AGV K1 helmet. It's not as perfect of a fit, but it's close enough that it'll never come off.

We also recommend grabbing a J hook and an arm extension just in case you want to adjust the POV to your liking. The J hook and arm extension give you a bit more versatility in your placement option.