GoPro/Insta360 Chin Mount for Bell Qualifier Helmet

Looking for the best chin mount for Bell Qualifier helmets? You've come to the right place! We have a varying selection of chin mounts, but the the best GoPro chin mount for the Bell Qualifier is the MotoRadds FLEX Slim Mount. This line of mounts for GoPro cameras is completely flexible to the shape of any helmet! The mounts are built for life with a lifetime warranty to back-up your confidence in your purchase. We use only the best, authentic, 3M adhesive for our products and have tested the strength extensively. You can be sure that your camera is safe with our chin mounts.

Our chin mount for GoPro fits perfectly on the Bell Qualifier! People have ridden across entire countries with our chin mount on their Bell Qualifier and never had issues. It truly is the best chin mount on the market.