Bell Qualifier

The Bell Qualifier isn't known to be exactly the best helmet, but it's certainly the best price for a DOT certified helmet and the first helmet for a lot of riders. Now, everyone has their own opinions on price vs. quality, but we're not here for opinions. We're here to tell you the best chin mount for Bell Qualifier helmets. The best GoPro chin mount for the Bell Qualifier is the MotoRadds Original Universal Helmet Chin Mount.

Our original chin mount was designed specifically using two main helmets as a template for its curvature; a Shoei RF-1200 and... you guessed it, Bell Qualifier. At the time, these were the two most popular helmets and we figured it best to make a chin mount compatible with the two most popular helmets on the market. So we did.

Our chin mount for GoPro fits perfectly on the Bell Qualifier! People have ridden across entire countries with our chin mount on their Bell Qualifier and never had issues. It truly is the best chin mount on the market.

Below is an image of a MotoRadds Chin Mount on a Bell Qualifier that went all the way across Vietnam carrying the weight of a GoPro Hero 7 Black, a GoPro Microphone Adapter, and the cases, cables, and housings of everything else.

chin mount for bell qualifier

We also recommend grabbing a J hook and an arm extension just in case you want to adjust the POV to your liking. The J hook and arm extension combined gives you a bit more versatility in your placement option.