GoPro/Insta360 Camera Chin Mount for Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The Shoei GT-Air II is one of Shoei's newer helmet models and it is a good looking helmet, there's no denying that. Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of the chin area on this helmet, it's not easy to mount a GoPro, Insta360, or other action camera to the chin area. Fortunately, now it is. With MotoRadds FLEX Slim Helmet Chin Mount for Shoei GT-Air 2, you can easily mount your camera to the chin of your helmet.
Chin Mount for Shoei GT Air-II
The FLEX Slim chin mount wraps perfectly around the chin area of the Shoei GT-Air II and doesn't detract from the aesthetic with any bulky mounting points. Instead of a traditional buckle clip, the FLEX Slim uses just the thumbscrew attachment resulting in a very low-key mounting point so for those times you're riding without a camera, your mount doesn't stand out.