Shoei GT-Air

The Shoei GT-Air is one of Shoei's most all-around great helmets. With no focus on any functionality in particular, this is the helmet you want if you're looking for that "jack-of-all-trades" helmet. It's equipped with a drop down sun visor (internal), adjustable ventilation system, and pinlock face shield as well as the comfort and quality that Shoei is so well known for. 

The GT-Air has been well designed and tested using state of the art wind tunnels in Japan to offer the smoothest laminar flow while riding. Laminar flow - big, sciency, word... we know. Don't let it scare you. It just means the air runs smoothly around your helmet, minimizing drag. Lucky for you, our MotoRadds Original Universal Helmet Chin Mount is also designed with laminar flow in mind. With wings on either side the allow the wind to run through channels off to the helmet, you don't have to worry about unnecessarily added wind drag. 

So if you're looking for how to mount a GoPro to your Shoei GT-Air helmet, look no further. The MotoRadds Original Chin Mount is your best bet!

We also recommend grabbing a J hook and an arm extension just in case you want to adjust the POV to your liking. The J hook and arm extension give you a bit more versatility in your placement option.