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MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount with GoPro on Vietnam motorcycle

Why MotoRadds

What makes the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount the best mount for your GoPro? The MotoRadds Chin Mount is designed specifically for motorcycle helmets and riders. It's designed to give you optimal weight distribution, smooth laminar wind flow, and a clean, finished, look.

About Our Design

Our patented design is aesthetically symmetrical and evenly distributes the weight and wind flow of your camera setup. The design includes a smooth curvature with hinged wings to adjust to various curvatures of helmet chins. All of our mounts are injection molded with high quality polycarbonate, the same material most DOT/SNELL helmet shells are made of. You wouldn't trust your head with a 3D printed helmet or a cheap knockoff helmet, so why trust your expensive action camera with that? 

Helmet chin mount design patent


Before using the MotoRadds FLEX chin mount, I was living in my mom’s basement, I was ugly, and I had no girlfriend. I’m still living in my mom’s basement, ugly, and have no girlfriend but now my riding footage is way better!

Jake L.

What do you want me to say about it? It's just a mount, it does it's job... are you expecting me to be overly emotional about it just so you can use me as a testimonial on your website or something?

EXTREMELY Satisfied Costumer

First off, we review films, not product consumables. Second off, who are you? We've literally never heard of you. Who let this guy in? SECURITY!


Love this chin mount for my GoPro! It's made my motovlogging setup way better! Thanks MotoRadds!

Is that good enough? Okay cool. Easiest $20 bucks I've ever made.