FLEX for MX Visor Peaks

Looking for the perfect mount for your MX helmet visor brim? Check out FLEX Classic. Our most universal, patented, flexible mount. Perfect for molding to the underside of your visor peak.

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FLEX for Helmet Chins

Looking for that perfect, first-person, POV? Check out FLEX Slim for helmets! The strongest, most universal, flexible chin mount ever! With a steel core, soft silicone coating, and authentic 3M VHB, this is the most premium chin mount you can buy for your camera.

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Flexible action camera mount on motorcycle windscreen

FLEX for Windscreens

Tired of being stuck trying to use a rigid plastic mount with your curved windscreen? Change it to FLEX Classic. This flexible mount allows you to bend the mount to the exact surface curvature of your windscreen. With more than 1/4" thick silicone + foam 3M, it also naturally dampens vibrations to the camera, making for ultra-smooth video.

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FLEX for Bicycle Helmets

Finding the right way to mount your action camera to your bicycle helmet can be challenging. Now, it doesn't have to be. With FLEX Classic, the mount is flexible and universal and can be molded to any surface curvature!

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What to Expect With MotoRadds

MotoRadds is the original helmet chin mount company. We've been doing this longer than anybody else. Meaning we've learned through various design iterations what works and what doesn't. With MotoRadds, we can promise you that you're getting mounts made of the highest quality materials.

We offer:

Authentic 3M VHB tape

Military grade cold rolled steel

Hassle-free lifetime warranty

World class customer support

No lost action cameras

Be careful who you trust with your camera. Other companies are being run by people 3D printing cheap products at home, using counterfeit 3M adhesives, and going radio silent when customers experience a poorly made product, or worse, their GoPro falling off onto the freeway because their counterfeit adhesive failed.

Here at MotoRadds, we've built relationships with authentic 3M tape suppliers, military grade steel suppliers, and injection molders using only high quality polycarbonate. Creating a helmet mount stronger and better than anything else out there, giving you the best motovlog chin mount setup for your helmet.

We are so confident in our products, that we back each mount with a hassle-free lifetime warranty. Other companies will only warranty against manufacturer defects for 30 days. Not us. Our product is built for life, and we're putting our money where our mouth is. If you ever have any issues with your mount, you just need to reach out to us to initiate a replacement request, send us the old mount, and we will replace it, no questions asked. That's the buy-it-for-life guarantee.

Experience the MotoRadds difference.

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