Helmet Chin Mount FAQs

Q: Will your products fit my helmet?
A: All helmets are different. The best helmets to use our original chin mount with are full face, non-modular, helmets with smooth, curved, chin areas. We have put together a compatibility chart with the most common helmets we get asked about. You can see that page in the image gallery on our original chin mount product page. 

Our AGV chin mount is design specifically for AGV Pista and AGV Corsa and Corsa R helmets. However, we have found that it works great on the AGV K1 as well. It is NOT compatible with the AGV K3 SV.

The ICON Airflite chin mount is only compatible with the ICON Airflite helmet.

Q: Do you sell replacement 3M adhesive?
A: Maybe you want to change the mount to a new helmet. If so, no worries. We offer unlimited replacement 3M tape for all of our mounts. Simply fill out a contact form and send us your request, your original order number, and a confirmation of which address to send it to and we'll get it out to you!

Q: Where can I buy your helmet chin mounts?
A: Our chin mounts are available on Amazon USA, Amazon EU, Amazon Japan, and Amazon UAE as well as from our website at MotoRadds.com

Q: Do you sell 3D printed chin mounts?
A: We do not sell 3D printed chin mounts. Our prices are consistently lower than the price for 3D printed mounts and our injection molded products are much stronger and longer lasting. 3D printed materials are great for certain applications, but for products exposed to constant weathering, they are not a good option. The plastic filaments used are short lived and generally unreliable material. Our mounts are made of the same polycarbonate plastics as most DOT and SNELL certified helmets.

Q: I want to be a brand ambassador, how can I work with you?
A: We have a number of awesome brand ambassadors that we hook up with MotoRadds swag and gifts in general. If you're interested in representing our company and our products, fill out a contact form and link your social media handles. If we feel you'd be a good representation and partner of our company, we'll get back to you!