Cruisers VS Sportbikes | What’s The Difference?

Cruisers VS Sportbikes | What’s The Difference?

When people picture a motorcycle in their minds, most times its either a cruiser or a sportbike. These two styles are the most popular that are widely available to buy. Besides the obvious difference in looks, these motorcycles are built a lot different and have their own purpose to serve. When picking out a new or a first motorcycle, its important to know these differences so let’s break it down!


Generally what makes a cruiser motorcycle is a V-twin engine, a low seat height, a heavier frame and thick tires. These bikes are usually designed with a classic/retro aesthetic. Cruisers also don’t feature much tech in them. 


One of the best things about these bikes is the comfortable and relaxed seating position. It’s why these bikes do so well on longer trips in comparison to sportbikes which sit up a lot higher and make the rider sit in a more forward leaning position. In addition to comfort, the fact that these bikes sit lower to the ground makes handling them a lot easier making them best for new riders to learn on. 


Now there are some drawbacks to cruiser motorcycles. One of the biggest is the pricing on most new models. With some basic models starting at $13,999, it really be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Another drawback is that cruiser motorcycles are very heavy bikes. The average weight range is from 400-700 lbs and some models can weigh over 1000lbs! Imagine dropping one of these? Ouch! The final thing to mention is that these bikes don’t accelerate as much as a sportbike would; but if you’re just starting out…this is probably a good thing!


You know you’re looking at a sportbike when you see plastic fairings, clip-on handle bars and an aggressive design and seating position. These motorcycles are easily ready to take on corners at any racetrack. 


The best things about sportbikes include: the lightweight body, the modern design and tech in the dash, also the power that is available at the twist of the throttle. These motorcycles produce very powerful acceleration with high number in horsepower and torque compared to those on cruisers. All of these things lead to these bikes doing so well on the track! I must mention though that not every sportbike is a speed machine made only for experienced riders. Those 300-400cc bikes are always recommended to new riders because they handle well without offering too much of a punch. 


Like cruisers, sportbikes have their fair share of drawbacks. The first being that these motorcycles aren’t the most comfortable. As I mentioned above, these bikes sit up a lot higher and make the rider sit in a more forward leaning position. This can be a pain if you plan on taking longer trips.Also, if you do plan on riding a sportbike on the highway, it’s important to know that they don’t offer as much wind protection. On a cruiser you could just easily buy a big windscreen to pop on to your bike. That’s not the case on a sportbike. Finally, these motorcycles are a lot more expensive to maintain than any cruiser would be so try to take that into consideration.  


No two motorcycles are made the same. Cruisers are literally made to cruise and sportbikes are mainly made to go fast. The best thing to always do is head to your local dealership to test ride any motorcycle you are interested in.

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