Full Face Helmets VS Modular Helmets | Pros & Cons

Full Face Helmets VS Modular Helmets | Pros & Cons

Motorcycle helmets are without a doubt the most important piece of gear that a biker can own. I just recently went over the difference between the safety ratings on these in this article here! Today though, I'm going to go into two very popular styles of helmets found on today's shelves. 

Just when you thought helmet shopping was pretty easy...you get faced with the options of full face or modular style.

Full face helmets offer - literally - full protection of your face. Specifically including your chin area which is an impact zone in a crash. Modular helmets are basically the same shape as a full face...but these helmets have hidden hinges enabling them to pop up which helps bring in a lot more air flow. Modular helmets couldn't exist without the full face helmet... but where do they differ beside hinges and looks? Let's look at the pros and cons!


More popular than modular's, this style of helmet is the ultimate form of a safety.


  • This style gives full protection of the face almost no chances of separating at the sides.
  • Can be lightweight.
  • For track riders - these are the only style allowed on tracks.
  • Available in more colors and graphics.
  • Prices are usually lower.


  • Shields can fog up.
  • Some riders say they feel claustrophobic in these.
  • Not as much air flow as other helmet styles.
  • Not always comfortable for glasses wearers.


Known for their comfort and air flow these helmets have gained a lot of popularity these days.


  • Gives riders the option to pop up the front half for air flow
  • Riders don't have to remove their whole helmet at stops or to go into stores.
  • Almost all of these have drop-down sun visors, unlike full face helmets.
  • Often a good compromise for riders who like open-face helmets (which is a great thing!).
  • Comfortable for glasses wearers.


  • Some studies have shown that on lower quality modulars, the hinges have opened up in crash scenarios.
  • The chin bars on these often don't have the same level of strong construction as a regular full face. 
  • Modular helmets are a lot heavier and bulkier. 
  • Great for those who wear glasses.

Now you all know a bit more about these two styles! It's always up to your personal preference is on what you need out of your helmets. Choose wisely!


Lavatronn wrote this article for MotoRadds.com, Click here to learn more about me!
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