How to Chin Mount a GoPro to Shoei RF-1200 and Shoei NXR

How to Chin Mount a GoPro to Shoei RF-1200 and Shoei NXR

So you've got one of the most popular helmets on the market, the Shoei RF-1200 (Shoei NXR if you're in Europe). Once you experience the helmet, it's no wonder why it's so popular. First off, it's made by Shoei, a company with an extremely good reputation and track record. Design. There's really not much happening aesthetically with this helmet. The design is very anodyne compared to some of the more unique options out there like, WALTERRIFIC's Venator Mark II or the new market disruptor that is the Ruroc Atlas. The Shoei RF-1200/NXR is a safe, unassuming, design. Comfort. This is where the Shoei RF-1200/NXR really shines. Shoei has mastered comfort and wind noise reduction. This is probably why they're as successful as they are in sales of the RF-1200. No other helmet will save you from tinnitus quite like this one. Overall, it's a great helmet, there's only one issue (and almost no helmet is immune to this issue): the chin area is less than ideal for mounting a GoPro or other action camera. You can't use a standard GoPro mount because of the extreme curvature of the chin. Luckily, we have the solution.

MotoRadds chin mount on Shoei Rf1200 compared to GoPro chin mount(This image shows the issue in trying to use a standard
mount vs. the specialized MotoRadds Chin Mount)

Our original helmet chin mount is perfect for the Shoei RF-1200 (Shoei NXR). It fits like a glove. If you're wanting to use the MotoRadds chin mount for your Shoei RF-1200 or Shoei NXR, we highly recommend mounting it directly underneath the vent. Slide the vent door down first so you know what space you have to work with. The chin mount should nest right against the door when fully opened. Refer to the photo above to see exactly what we mean. When placing the chin mount, you should pull the wings as far out as you can and apply the center piece first. Then, once your center piece is placed, you can close the wings against the helmet. Apply pressure for up to 30 seconds along both wings equally to ensure the strongest adhesion.

When using the MotoRadds chin mount with your Shoei helmet, it's best to use a J hook buckle clip, which can be found in our mounting accessories here. We recommend this because it gives your GoPro or other action camera the most versatile range of motion so you can choose the POV angle that best suits you.

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