How To Commute By Motorcycle | 5 Helpful Tips

How To Commute By Motorcycle | 5 Helpful Tips

With today’s gas prices rising, it’s no surprise that more people are turning to motorcycles as their primary form of transport. Let’s dive in to some tips on how to commute by motorcycle!


Before getting into the tips, I want to mention some advantages of commuting by motorcycle. One of the biggest advantage is saving money on gas! You also reduce the emissions released which helps the environment. Another advantage is that you’ll find parking a lot quicker because motorcycles take up less space than cars. Lastly, riding your motorcycle frequently can improve your mental health! We all love everything about our bikes, and the more time you spend with things you love, the better your mental health with be. I commute with my motorcycle every day and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. In my opinion its the best way to start your day! Let's get into those 5 tips now.


The weather these days is very unpredictable. One day can be cold and rainy, and the next can be warm and sunny. If you plan on commuting, the first thing you must always do is check the weather. Nothing is worse than heading out on the road and getting hit by weather you didn’t expect. Things like rain or snow affect riding conditions and your safety if you aren’t prepared for it. Wearing the proper riding gear for the conditions makes a difference on how comfortable and alert you are. I always recommend that commuters have proper rain gear and cold weather riding gear depending on where they live. 


Most bikers carry their belongings in a backpack. This is fine for shorter trips, but for a commute I would recommend any form of motorcycle luggage. With motorcycle luggage, you avoid back strain by keeping things off your back. This helps keep riders more comfortable and focused on the road. Motorcycle luggage comes in all shapes and forms, from saddlebags to tank bags. The options out there allow you to choose the best size that fits all you need to carry along with you to work.


When you commute by car, all you really do is wake up have breakfast, then head out. There’s not much to consider. When you commute by motorcycle there are many things to consider. You need to give yourself extra time to put on all your gear properly, perform a pre ride check, and also pack your saddle bags if you need to. It’s never a good idea to rush out of the house and hop on a motorcycle. Being distracted by thoughts of running late can take away your focus on making safe decisions while on the road. Always try to be in a calm state of mind. 


To ride defensively means that you’re always alert and scanning the road ahead anticipating and positioning yourself away of any potential danger. This is so important any time you head out on two wheels, but especially when you are doing it daily. Be sure to always keep distance between yourself and other vehicles, as this allows you to have a better view of what’s going on around you.  


I feel like I always say this, but one must alway keep their motorcycle well maintained. I can’t stress it enough! Keep up on all your regular maintenances including basic things like chain cleaning, tire pressure, brakes and fluids. It’s so important to stay up on these because they keep your bike running safely. When you’re commuting, you really don’t want to be worrying about having the bike break down on your way to work. At the end of the day a motorcycle is a machine, and machines needs to be maintained in order to operate. 


As always with riding a motorcycle, being prepared and keeping your thoughts clear will go a long way. It also makes riding more enjoyable when you can simply just focus on the road ahead of you. I hope this article helps you make the change and start riding your bike into work as soon as possible!

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