How to Mount a GoPro to Ruroc Atlas Motorcycle Helmet

How to Mount a GoPro to Ruroc Atlas Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most unique motorcycle helmets include the ICON Airflite, Arai XD4, and the Ruroc Atlas. With these unique shapes come unique issues - how do you mount a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet? Well, we have that answer.

For the ICON Airflite, we have a mount designed specifically for the unique visor that drops all the way down to the chin area. However, the Ruroc, while similar, has it's own unique chin area. So you're probably here because of the headline; you want to know how to mount a GoPro to your Ruroc helmet. Luckily, our Original Universal Helmet Chin Mount is so universal that it even fits very well on the Ruroc Atlas helmet. We've attached photos below for your convenience. You can see how it fits and where the best placement is. With the uniquely inset vents running horizontally across the cheeks, we've found that to avoid overhang of the mounting arms, it's best to place the mount a little bit higher up. This works well in keeping the mounting base in line with the chin itself as well so if you ever set down your helmet on a table or such, the weight isn't rested on the mount itself.
Ruroc GoPro Chin Mount

In the image above, you can see how the mount is place in such a way that the adjustable wings of the mount do not overhang into the cheek vents.

In the next image, you see a more centered photo with the mount on the Ruroc Atlas. It's a perfect fit.
Helmet Chin Mount for Ruroc Atlas

And finally, below we have the finished puzzle - the chin mount on the Ruroc with the GoPro.

If you have a Ruroc Atlas and you're looking for the best chin mount for your helmet, then the Original Universal Helmet Chin Mount is the one to get. This can be purchased on or Amazon US and EU.
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