The 4 Best Youtube Motovloggers to Keep Your Eye On

The 4 Best Youtube Motovloggers to Keep Your Eye On

Nowadays it seems we're always on the prowl for the next source of entertainment. Whether it's the next Netflix series to binge on, the funniest Tik Toks, or the best Youtuber. Now, there's a Youtube genre for everyone. Maybe to get your daily news fix, you'll put on some Philip DeFranco. Maybe some David Dobrik if you're looking to live vicariously through a tight knit, good mood, friend group. We're not here for those genres though. We're here for one thing and one thing only: motorcycles. There's even sub-genres of motorcycle channels. You've got informational channels like FortNine, where they do reviews and quality tests. You have BLOX STARZ, which fully embraces and shows the hoodrat lifestyle of running from cops, public stunting, and general wild riding. Even channels like DanDanTheFireman, where he will watch and breakdown motorcycle accidents frame-by-frame and provide tips to make you, the viewer, a better rider. Then, there's motovloggers.

Motovloggers are typically one rider that documents and shares their daily rides, stories, and everything in-between. This is a style that has really taken off in the motorcycle community over recent years. So if you're looking to kill some time and find a good motovlogger to follow, we've put together a list for you to narrow down the choices.

1. MasFace 

Our first motovlogger has been in the content creation scene for a minute now. He began riding 4 years ago, in 2015 and started motovlogging 3 years ago. He grew extremely quickly into what is now a 400k+ subscriber base on his motovlogging channel. He was one of the first supporters of MotoRadds and one of the first users of the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount. His entertainment value combined with our chin mount POV has proven to be a recipe for success. He's showing no signs of slowing down either and has recently been using his self-made growth to transition into the music industry, and we're not gonna lie, he's just as good at spittin' bars as he is at hittin' balance point. His musical persona is known as "Mason Wav" and is worth a check out if you're needing some riding tunes as well. 

Masface's most viewed YouTube video sits at 4.4 million views and is a SECOND encounter with an Angry Neighbor that he had a previous viral encounter. If you want to watch the videos in chronological order, start with this one first.

Bonus: His girlfriend, Laurel, has begun motovlogging as well and gets an honorary mention. She's on the comeup and can be watched on YouTube under the name, Laruchkaa.

2. Do It With Dan

Do It With Dan comes next on our list of recommendations. He has been motovlogging longer than a lot of us younger ones have been riding. Dan started his motovlogs in 2013 and produced constant and consistent high quality vlogs. His highest viewed video is of an absolute monster of a bike, with a 1200hp twin-supercharged V8. Lately, he's transitioned a bit more into the vehicle scene as a whole, making content with both cars and bikes. With the diversity and quality of his content, he comes in second for us.

3. CruzinMoto

Our third spot goes to CruzinMoto. Now, he's certainly not the largest motovlogger out there, coming in at just under 30,000 subscribers, he's certainly not the smallest either. He's been steadily climbing the ranks of popularity. His most viewed video has 663k views and is a video of his motorcycle crash with an oncoming lightweight semi truck. He continues to create and post great content including riding through the hallways of MMI (motorcycle mechanics institute), catching his stepson sluffing/playing hooky, and much more. The fact that he uses a MotoRadds helmet chin mount for all of his motovlogs, may or may not be a boosting factor.


Our final spot goes to WALTERRIFIC. Now, we've done an analyzation and breakdown before of his GoPro and helmet setup, which can be read here. However, he has recently made the switch to Ruroc helmets and does not currently have that setup anymore. We will do a new analyzation. That being said, WALTERRIFIC is last but most definitely not least. We just felt comfortable putting him here because he doesn't need the boost as some of the other ranked channels might. This is because he comes in at an incredible 2.24 MILLION subscribers. WALTERRIFIC is the biggest motovlogger, in terms of subscriber count, that we know of. A few of his videos and it's clear to see why. Not only is he consistent, but he's always keeping it spicy with new adventures and happenings. For example, he'll make full on day trips out to other states or sometimes crash his Audi R8, depends how he's feeling that day (F in the chat, boys). Now, he doesn't use the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount... yet. However, we have not yet released our Ruroc mount, but it will come soon and hopefully he'll love it just as much as we do. If you're not already subscribed to him, be sure to check out his channel.

That's our list for now. This should give you enough content for at least.... a week. What would you like to see a list of next? Email us at with your ideas or to be a guest writer!

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