Ruroc Atlas and Ruroc Atlas 2.0

Ever since Ruroc released their line of motorcycle helmets, people have been chirping left and right asking how to get a GoPro mounted to the chin area of their new helmets.

We're going to tell you how to mount a GoPro to your Ruroc Atlas or Ruroc 2.0 helmet.

The mount we recommend first and foremost for this helmet is the MotoRadds Original Universal Chin Mount. The MotoRadds Original Chin Mount is the most versatile chin mount on the market and Ruroc is no exception to its huge list of compatible helmets. Below is an image of a GoPro attached to the Original Helmet Chin Mount on the Ruroc.
Chin mount for Ruroc Atlas and Ruroc 2.0

As you can see, this is the best chin mount for the Ruroc Atlas and Ruroc 2.0. The mount hangs down and rests slightly on the furled chin area. It's like Ruroc consulted us on their design before making this helmet (they didn't) but it's that great of a fit.

We also recommend grabbing a J hook and an arm extension just in case you want to adjust the POV to your liking. The J hook and arm extension give you a bit more versatility in your placement option.