5 Motorcycle Safety Tips All Riders Need To Know

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips All Riders Need To Know

Motorcycle riding is one of the most thrilling experiences out there. However, a harsh reality is that this can be a very risky thing to do. It's important to always put safety first when heading out on your bike. Aside from the things like wearing protective gear and riding within your limits, this list provides some additional things to do to be as safe as possible while out on two wheels!


In today’s world, the weather is something that we can keep track of. Paying attention to its changes is really vital when you are on two wheels. Things like rain, ice, and snow can all put a damper on your ride. Bikers need to watch for these conditions because there will be less traction and visibility. If inclement weather is expected, it’s important to be prepared or simply just leave the bike at home that day. 


Before you hit the road its always a good idea to examine your bike. You don’t want to be stranded mid ride because something was either leaking or loose. Make sure that your headlights, taillights, turn signals, brakes, gasoline, oil, tire pressure, mirrors, handlebars, and horn are all in good working order. This is another way to prevent any serious issues forming later as you’ll pick up on any small issues by doing this. 


It’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit for any activities you’re doing. For those minor injuries that occur like burns from contact with hot exhaust pipes or cuts/scratches from debris on the road, a first aid kit comes in handy. Always look for ones with burn creams, disinfecting wipes, bandages, hand sanitizer, gauze, adhesive tape and Band-Aids. There are even first aid kits that are made for more serious trauma cases available out there as well. 


Unfortunately, car drivers are trained to spot other cars and not motorcycles. With their narrow profile, motorcycles can often get lost in the blindspots of vehicles. To combat this we must always ride defensively. This means riding thinking no one can see you. Bikers should always do their best to stay alert and anticipate any surprise movements from cars, traffic congestion and even road hazards like gravel, potholes and oil puddles. 


So I just mentioned riding defensively which requires bikers to be alert. Having any type of alcohol in our systems affects our concentration. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, “Riders who are away from home and decide to drink should either (1) wait until their BAC has returned to zero before riding, even if it means staying overnight, or (2) leave the motorcycle in a secure location and find alternate transportation home.” I know many times making this decision can be tough, but our lives are just too precious to not make the right choice. 


In addition to these tips, it's always best to be in a good mental state when you're heading out on the open road. Riding when you're feeling 100% is one of the greatest ways to be safe. I hope these tips all help keep you safe on your next ride!


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