7 Types Of Street Motorcycles

7 Types Of Street Motorcycles

In the world of motorcycles, there are so many makes and models and different styles of riding. One day you could be hitting the track on a powerful sportbike and the next you could go for a nice cruise on the highway. There really is a motorcycle out there for almost any task and in this article we’re going to dive in and go over the 7 types of street motorcycles out there. 


Standard motorcycles are probably one of the most popular styles on the street today. These bikes offer a very simple and straightforward design. They provide a lot of comfort for riders with their upright seating position and can easily take on most motorcycle luggage. These bikes are also referred to as “naked” because they don’t feature as many fairings as say a sportbike does. These are great for commutes and also short trips.

Examples of standard/naked bikes include: KTM Duke 390, Suzuki SV650, Ducati Scrambler


These motorcycles where simply created with the intention of cruising, which is how they so easily got their name. Cruiser motorcycles generally have lower seat heights, a roaring V-twin engine and big tires. They also feature a more relaxed seating position than most other motorcycles on the market. Like Standard/naked motorcycles, Cruisers can take on luggage and do well for commutes and also can do trips as well. 

Examples of cruisers include: Honda Rebel 500, Harley – Davidson Heritage Classic, Indian Scout


Fast, sporty and aggressive - three words to describe the Sportbike! These fully faired motorcycles are designed with speed and agility in mind. Sportbikes feature a more forward leaning position that just easily emphasize this. These bikes are a lot more nimble than the other two styles mentioned above and this is due to the fact that they are made with lightweight components. Sportbikes work best on a motorcycle track where they can truly push their limits and show just how powerful they are. Off the track these bikes work great for short commutes and maybe some short trips (the aggressive forward leaning position may get a bit uncomfortable during a longer trip).

Examples of sportbikes include: Kawasaki Ninja 400, Yamaha YZF-R6 , Honda CBR1000RR


Ever been on a road trip and come across those big bulky bikes fitted with big windscreens and even car like seats on it? Those are known as touring motorcycles. This style is built much larger than the other motorcycle styles mentioned. These are also made to provide the ultimate comfort for several hundreds of miles. Most of these have extensive storage that can carry all you need for a long trip from home.  

Examples of tourers include: Honda Goldwing, Harley Road Glide Limited


If the big bulky look in a bike isn’t for you on your next cross-country trip, then I suggest looking towards a sport-tourer. This style of motorcycle is truly a perfect blend of sport and touring motorcycles, as their name suggests. These bikes share a higher seat height than regular tourers , but they also have have a lot more room for storage than any regular sportbikes do. Sport tourers have a great amount of power in their engines to safely cruise on the highways. 

Examples of sport-tourers include: Kawasaki Concours 14, Yamaha FJR 1300


Want a motorcycle that can tackle the highways but have the ability to go off-road and be able to truly make your trip an adventure? Then this is the style for you! Known for bringing a lot of versatility and some great comfort in the saddle adventure bikes resemble the looks of tourers at a smaller scale. These bikes can  pull in tons of miles on or off-road. From the factory most of these bikes come fitted with more aggressive tires, luggage and even crash protection. That fact makes them great for trips and even for commutes. 

Examples of adventure bikes include: Yamaha Tenere 700, BMW GS 1250, Harley-Davidson Pan America


These are motorcycles that really are designed to go anywhere you want and also do whatever you want. This type of motorcycle is the perfect blend of a street motorcycle and a dirt bike. That being said, they do lean more toward on road and that’s why they made this list! Dual sports are made with on-road focused features like headlights, turn signals, mirrors and even a horn which makes them legal on the streets. These bikes also have their share of off-road focused features like off-road suspension, fairings and knobby tires that make them more than capable to take on some dirt trails. The dual sport often great for commutes and some trips if the right luggage is added.

Examples of dual sports include: Suzuki DRZ, KTM 690 Enduro R, Honda CRF300L

So there you have it! 7 of the most common street motorcycle types you’re bound to see in the streets. When choosing your first, second or even third motorcycle, I know it’s nice to see what other styles of bikes exist. It’s also nice to know what they truly are meant for.

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