How to Set Up Insta360 Ace Pro Chin Mount on Your Helmet for Motovlogging

How to Set Up Insta360 Ace Pro Chin Mount on Your Helmet for Motovlogging

If you've got the all-new Insta360 Ace Pro and are looking for a good chin mount to attach this camera to your helmet, then you're at the right place!

Motovlog helmet chin mount setup

The Insta360 Ace Pro is quickly gaining popularity for motovlogging because of its compact shape, versatile options, and advanced AI editing features.

That said, it's a bit unique compared to competitors like GoPro in that it doesn't exactly have the standard mounting point that you're used to.

However, this is alleviated with Insta360's quick release designed specifically for their Ace Pro. With the quick release attached, you're given the standard action camera mounting point of the dual plastic prongs with a screw hole down the center of them.

Insta360 Quick Release Mount

This is where MotoRadds FLEX Slim chin mount comes in perfectly for the Insta360 Ace Pro action camera.

With the MotoRadds FLEX Slim chin mount, thanks to its flexible properties, you can bend and shape the mount to your exact helmet shape to ensure you get a full seal that matches the helmet surface perfectly!

flex slim chin mount shown flexing to the front of a motorcycle helmet without gopro or insta360 attached
The FLEX Slim is the best chin mount available for several reasons. One main reason is the materials. FLEX Slim chin mount is built with a cold rolled steel core This is the same material a Tesla Cybertruck is made of. It's as if we cut a piece right out of it. This metal gives our chin mount insane durability. That's just the foundation. The center piece is high quality polycarbonate plastic with steel alloy screws pulling it snug against both, the steel core and silicone coating. That brings us to the silicone finish. A soft silicone finish gives the FLEX Slim a clean and sleek design while also providing vibration dampening properties. Lastly, it's adhered with the strongest 3M adhesive which is applied with a polymer crosslinker at time of assembly to enhance the adhesion between the tape and silicone base.

motoradds flex slim chin mount steel core cut out of tesla cybertruck
So if you need a great chin mount for your motovlogging setup that will be compatible with your Insta360 Ace Pro, get the MotoRadds FLEX Slim chin mount. Don't trust your camera with other brands that have a history of failing and damaging cameras and then suppressing any negative reviews from their website leaving people no choice but to post their terrible experiences on TrustPilot.

At MotoRadds, we care about your camera like you care about your camera. We believe in providing the best guarantees and standing behind our products 100%, and most importantly, we believe in great and hassle-free customer service.

The MotoRadds FLEX Slim comes with everything you need and all the customer support you could ever want. So what do you have to lose?
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