FLEX Classic - flexible, formable, moldable action camera mount

Introducing FLEX Classic - The Original, Patented, Flexible Mount for GoPro and Insta360

The best, most versatile, flexible mount for GoPro, Insta360, DJI, and more is here! This is FLEX Classic. 

MotoRadds invented and patented the first ever flexible action camera mounts, and we've continued to innovate and perfect the designs. With years in R&D, production, and quality testing, we can confidently say that this is the best and the strongest flexible action camera mount you'll ever find.

The beauty of our flexible mounts is that they can be formed to any unconventional curvature. Below, you'll see a great example of our flexible mount shaped for motorcycle tail fairings/cowls.

GoPro Mount for Tail Fairing Rear Cowling

Or maybe you have an MX helmet and are looking for a mount for your visor peak. MotoRadds' FLEX Classic makes the best mount for your MX helmet brim. You can form it to the concave nature of your visor peak and get a full seal to the 3M VHB adhesive. See the photo below. Unlike FLEX Slim, which is the best helmet chin mount, FLEX Classic is the best Motocross helmet brim/visor mount.

Our final, and perhaps the most popular suggested motorcycle application for the FLEX Classic flexible mount is using it as a windscreen mount. Many of our customers like having our chin mount for their POV, but they also want a POV facing them. The FLEX Classic flexible mount is the best windscreen mount because it can curve to your windscreen's exact curvature! See the photo below for an example.

So whether you need a mount for a motorcycle windscreen, a mount for a rear cowling, or a mount for your MX helmet visor, FLEX Classic flexible mount is the best option for you. It's compatible with all action cameras, including GoPro, Insta360, and DJI.

Want to record vertically? Check out our low profile, vertical mount bracket for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12. It's a perfect addition to our FLEX Classic flexible mount!
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