RideClutch Fantasy Motorcycle Giveaway - Scam or legit business?

RideClutch Fantasy Motorcycle Giveaway - Scam or legit business?

If you’re in the North American motorcycle community, you’ve probably heard of or seen the ads for the “RideClutch Fantasy Motorcycle Giveaway” and you’ve probably had the same question: are they legit, or is it too good to be true?

Well, we’re here to give you answers!

RideClutch is a company that sells motorcycle based accessories and apparel. With nearly every purchase comes the chance to win some kind of motorcycle. They’ve given away S1000R’s, R1’s, 899’s, and more! Now, don’t get it mixed up. When you’re buying from RideClutch, you’re not guaranteed to get the motorcycle, however, you are guaranteed to get high quality, good looking, apparel. Think of the chance to win a motorcycle simply as a bonus.

Now for the real question; are they legitimate? Yes. 100%  legitimate. Don’t just take our word for it, with an A+ rating on the BBB [Edit: This has changed since the writing of this article] and even an article feature in The Phoenix Business Journal, you’d be hard pressed to disprove their legitimacy. Those pieces of evidence aside, MotoRadds actually works very closely with RideClutch. We’ve traveled to conventions with them, done photoshoots with them, and even helped film and edit the winner pick up videos. Since we’ve helped film and edit a few of the winner pickups, we’ve seen the behind the scenes process and legitimacy. Usually, the winner flies or drives in, then the RideClutch owners bring them to a designated pickup location, they do a reveal for the new owner, and then they do general winner paperwork at the bank. The first few steps are pretty exciting all around, and then the legal stuff is just mundane but necessary stuff. Meeting several of the winners, it’s always interesting to hear what winning item they bought, what they thought when they won, and what their experience with sportbikes have been prior to winning. We’ve been able to see some consistent products, like this LiveFast Hat, birth winners. Is it lucky? Maybe. All we know for sure is that it’s been the purchase that made at least a few people win. Another interesting observation is that this is often the first real motorcycle experience or sportbike owned by the winners. That’s not always the case, but it can often be. They’ve had some people that only had cruisers and even some that had never ridden a road bike at all. Not to worry though, as soon as any of them swing their leg over these powerful machines, it’s love at first ride. The most interesting thing, for me at least, is seeing how different winners react. Sometimes you get the most stoic, straight-faced, winners and the videographer has to work overtime to coax them into exaggerating their reactions. Other times, you get people that are so excited and so comfortable in front of the camera that the guys at RideClutch get worried people will think they’re actors. One particular winner that stands out in this instance is Robert Stacey. Robert took home an 899 Panigale, but we all took home elevated spirits from his infectious excitement and mood. I've never seen someone so excited to pick up their new bike from the RideClutch location.

RideClutch winner, Robert Stacey, poses with owner Derrek and the key and title to his new Ducati 899 Panigale (Robert Stacey poses with one of the owners of RideClutch with the title to his new Ducati)

So what are you waiting for? If you need anything from good, comfortable, motorcycle apparel to rim tape and decals, RideClutch.com is your place. Remember, every time you purchase from RideClutch, you’re guaranteed to receive high quality, comfortable, good looking apparel and awesome accessories. The fact that you get entries for a chance to win a sportbike is simply an added bonus, but if you win, it’s one of the best surprises you’ll ever receive.

You can head over to RideClutch.com to get your gear and get your entries. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet you at the next winner pickup!

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I wished I had seen these reviews before I placed my order. I ordered I’m august 2 shirts and a jacket. I reached out to them 2 months later to say yo I still don’t have my order and I don’t have tracking what’s going on. They said I was on back stock. So I asked them why does there website show that there is ten left in stock In my size. They did not have an answer. They will lie to you. They will take your money and ship it months late if that I still don’t know. Im about to contact amex to have them go to work for me. Last I heard from ride clutch there is no canceling orders and all orders are final


Clicking on your bbb link in the “article” takes you to their bbb page in which they have an F rating and their membership has been revoked due to being a scam. so there’s that.

Joey Elliot

1000% agree with the common above these people are a bunch of scammers. They literally have an f rating on the better Business bureau site and all you have to do is Google them to find plenty of reviews that are similar to what I’m saying. They are not about customer satisfaction or mailing anything in a timely manner if ever and therefore I wouldn’t trust for a second that they’re anywhere near legit. If you can literally order things from other countries like China and Hong Kong and get it within a month this company has no excuse if they’re supposedly in the US to be doing what they’re doing.
#Scammers #Thieves #Lowlives #GetaRealJob


It is a scam. I never received my order and many comments on their social media pages say the same.


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