5 Best Helmet Chin Mounts Ranked - Pros and Cons

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5 Best Helmet Chin Mounts Ranked - Pros and Cons

If you're looking for the best helmet chin mount for GoPro, this post is going to help. Learn what some of the top options are and the pros and cons of each one.
(We know... this isn't a chin mount, but the stock photo was free)

Guide to the best helmet chin mounts
Your first question is probably, "How do you come up with your rankings?" The fact is, we are one of the first original helmet chin mount companies in the market and one of the few chin mount companies that make professional and original products. That being said, we saw the companies before us (there were two of them), and we've seen all the new companies since. Let's just say, we know a thing or two about chin mounts.

Let's jump right into it. 

1. PROSHOT Helmet Cam Mounting System
You really thought we were gonna be first, huh? While we do love our product, we are trying to be objective for this ranking system. So let's look at the PROSHOT Helmet Cam Mounting System.

Mounting Method: This mount actually uses quite a unique mounting method. It uses a base layer of 3M Dual-Lock attached to the helmet with adhesive. If you're unfamiliar, 3M Dual-Lock is basically an advanced version of Velcro. Then, the mount itself is also equipped with 3M Dual-Lock. This makes for quick and easy removal of the mount when necessary.Side view of PROSHOT motocross helmet chin mount

Pros: This mount appears to be made of a high quality, but versatile, plastic. It's very intuitive to set up. It incorporates a triple loop female connector that all GoPros should be compatible with. It's centered on the chin. It offers ventilation holes. Extremely secure.

Cons: Only suitable for motocross style helmets, not compatible with full face, sportbike style, helmets. Quite bulky. Adhesive 3M Dual-Lock may be semipermanent or at least, very difficult to remove.

Why did we rank this first? We ranked this product first because of how versatile it is. The flexible plastic allows this chin mount to adjust to various motocross helmet widths. It's also quite well reviewed and ranked on Amazon, coming in with a 4.6 rating at time of writing. This is also one of the two helmet mounts that was in the market before us. At $32.99, you can't go wrong with this well produced mount for motocross helmets.

2. MotoRadds Original Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount
Ahhhh, there it is. The shameless self-promotion... yeah, yeah, we know. However, we genuinely stand by this ranking. Let's look at why MotoRadds comes in second.
GoPro chin mount versus MotoRadds chin mount on helmet
Mounting Method: This mount, like most GoPro branded mounts, uses 3M VHB adhesive. With a tensile strength of up to 70lbs, this tape is nothing short of miraculous. Unlike the PROSHOT mount, you can't remove the bulk of the mount when it's not in use. The 3M VHB makes this a fairly permanent mount.

Pros: Center chin placement. Evenly distributed weight. Minimal wind drag. Injection molded polycarbonate. Aesthetic design. Easy to set up.

Cons: Some helmets may not be compatible. Additional extensions may be needed depending on helmet chin angle. Semipermanent, difficult to remove.

Why did we rank this second? The design looks okay. It's somewhat aesthetic and very aerodynamic. Unlike homemade, 3D printed, mounts or glue jobs that end up looking like a tumorous growth on your helmet, this actually looks decent. With smooth lines and tapering edges, it blends back into the helmet fairly naturally. The universal design allows you to use this for, not all, but most full face, streetbike, helmets. It's made of quality polycarbonate plastic that will weather the test of time. It's also maintained a 4.1 star rating on Amazon with over 200 reviews at time of writing. At $29.99 on the MotoRadds website, it's a fairly good value for an original designed and patented product. For a full read up of our mount, visit helmetmounts.com and see the article about the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount.

3. SoPro Mount
Why did we rank this third? The SoPro is the last remaining veteran of the helmet chin mount industry that hasn't been listed yet. Let's see why it takes third.

Mounting Method: Securing straps that tie through the visor/goggle area, out the chin opening and around the front chin area. This makes for a completely non-permanent, easily removable, mounting option.

Pros: This mount is made of a strong, aluminum, skeleton. It's padded in foam on either side. The buckle clip base is riveted through the aluminum for a very secure base. The mount is fully removable and easily reusable. Center chin placement makes for evenly distributed weight. Easy application.SoPro Helmet Chin Mount

Cons: Not great for helmets with visors. Because the straps run through the goggle/visor area, if you're using this product with any full face helmet that has a closing visor, the straps will keep it from fully closing. The aesthetic isn't great. Due to the quite large amount of real estate this product utilizes, it's very non-discreet. 

So why did we rank this third? Well, there are lots of great things about it and it's one of the most universal mounts available, but with total universality comes more compromises for each individual helmet. That being said, this product comes in at a 3.9 rating on Amazon with 153 reviews at time of writing. Between it's 3.9 rating, and its $39.95 price point, this is the lowest rated and highest priced product we have ranked so far. Don't let that scare you though, a 3.9 is nothing to balk at.

4. SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Chin Mount
The SUREWO Mount is a mounting kit that's fairly new to the market and has been learning from their mistakes. Let's take a loot at their product.

Mounting Method: 3M VHB Adhesive and extension pieces.

Pros: Cheap option. Strong aluminum. Very universal.

Cons: Off center results in uneven weight distribution. Bulky. Lots of wind noise.

So why did we rank this fourth? The SUREWO comes in fourth because of it's lack of aesthetic, uneven weight distribution, and bulky nature. Don't let the 4th place fool you, this product actually isn't terrible. They entered the market with a cheap, Chinese, plastic kit. We actually tried selling these kits for a while as well. Unfortunately, customer experiences were riddled with stories of broken pieces, lost GoPros, etc. SUREWO was no exception. They were sourcing and selling these cheap kits and started receiving several reviews that were not great for them. Luckily, instead of continuing to sell a subpar product, they instead added the same product, but in full aluminum. Great move. The plastic product is still available, but it's definitely not their bread and butter. While the plastic kit still manages to have decent reviews, the $8.99 price point should be a tell about what kind of quality you can expect from this purchase. If you go for this setup, we recommend splurging on the $22.99 aluminum option so you're not losing your expensive GoPro.

5. TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount
The TELESIN chin mount is our final mount choice making ranks. Let's check it out.

Mounting Method: Securing straps that tie through the visor/goggle area, out the chin opening and around the front chin area. This makes for a completely non-permanent, easily removable, mounting option.

Pros: Cheap option. Good quality. Aesthetic design.

Cons: Not great for helmets with visors. Because the straps run through the goggle/visor area, if you're using this product with any full face helmet that has a closing visor, the straps will keep it from fully closing. Potentially patent infringing.

So fifth place. Last, but not least. It's definitely better than a 3D printed chin mount. Those don't even make rank, and for good reason. This one is at least a quality product. Professionally produced by a legitimate company. To be completely transparent, we had no experience with this mount, so we bought one to have a hands on experience with it. It was the only way to give it a fair shot. This mount is very similar to the SoPro mount in it's functionality and overall design. Unfortunately, we did rank it last because it is basically a direct knockoff of their idea. Being in the mount market since nearly the beginning, we saw SoPro as one of the first products in this niché category. That being said, we do not condone Chinese companies ripping off and undercutting original patented ideas. Unfortunately, there's not really a 5th product we could recommend for chin mounts. The only other option available are 3D printed mounts, but those might even be worse than a potentially patent infringing product. All that aside, it's a decent quality product. We didn't give it a shot for long term use, but our initial reactions are that it's a decent product, but like the SoPro mount, best for MX motorcycle helmets, not for full face, closed visor helmets. If you're going to use this style of mount, we highly recommend SoPro first. They invented this product and use good quality aluminum. Their product should last a lifetime, TELESIN might last a year. We'll keep you updated.

What do you think? What helmet chin mount have you used for your GoPro? Do you agree or disagree with our rankings? We hope this article gives you a chance to become more familiar with the current options out there so you can make an informed decision and purchase the best helmet chin mount for you.

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