Is CHINMOUNTS legit? This May Surprise You...

Is CHINMOUNTS legit? This May Surprise You...

*EDIT* Since the writing of this article, CHINMOUNTS has been working overtime to litter their TrustPilot with 5 star, suspiciously non-verified, reviews. Previously, all of their 5 star reviews were verified. Now there's a sudden influx of non-verified, glowing, 5-star, reviews. Buyer beware.

So you're here because you're wondering one thing. Are CHINMOUNTS branded helmet mounts any good? The short answer is no. The long answer is nooooooooooooooooooo. From customer complaints of low rated reviews being suppressed, to unwillingness to refund for bad, non-fitting, products, and worst of all, chin mounts falling off and riders losing their expensive action cameras.

Don't just take my word for it though. Take Anthony here, for example. He came through our website chat complaining that he bought a CHINMOUNTS mount and it fell off. So he tried a second one. He had the exact same experience. He sent us a photo in our website chat of his mount coming apart at the adhesive.
CHINMOUNTS customer shows his mount falling off helmetThat's two mounts, each at $35 both falling off the helmet. So $70 in junk mounts that were printed in someone's living room for $0.02 a piece in stringy filament  How's that for security?

Not enough evidence for you? How about this post in the local rider's Facebook group:

Another unhappy customer and one less GoPro in the world because CHINMOUNTS keeps pushing low quality products that continue to fall off helmets.

That's not the only bad thing about CHINMOUNTS. According to some customers that had poor experiences, they attempted to post their negative reviews, only to have the reviews never show up because they were below a certain rating threshold. Not only is this unethical and disingenuous business practice, it's also illegal and online retailers are learning quickly the hefty financial punishments coming from this behavior.  Fortunately for them, they haven't been reported to their website host or trade regulators by enough people... yet. Fortunately for you, there are third party review sites such as where you can get authentic customer reviews, and with nineteen 1-star reviews and only one 5-star review, for an overall review score of 1.8, it becomes quite apparent why they might want to suppress and potentially even post fake reviews on their website.

1-Star TrustPilot Review for ChinMounts

Pictured above are just two of the many 1-star reviews on TrustPilot. The first review is titled, "DO NOT ORDER! SCAM" and states,

"I can't believe I didn't read the Trustpilot and ordered it!
The product is not fit for purpose! you can't write the review on their website and more importantly, the customer service is terrible!
I've sent multiple pictures to them about the product and they are claiming the mount I use is not original (ORIGINAL GOPRO) and they expect me to send the item back in original packaging to get a refund!
very smart people to just steal money for a piece of 3D printing mount!"

In the second pictured review, the customer notes that they got an improperly printed product and were unable to leave negative feedback about their experience on Their review reads, "There is 1.5mm of play (a penny can fit inside the gap), anyone can see that the product wasn't printed correctly. I contacted customer service and send in pictures. Their response was to spend more money and order one of their products, instead of sending me out a replacement for the poorly printed chin mount. I tried to leave a Review on their website but it never showed up in the review section. I will not do business with this company in the future." 

Another customer, whose profile names him as "KJ" had this to say, "Save your hard earned cash and look for an alternative! First off, the plastic lug on the mount broke, which was replaced under warranty, great start - I had not even used the mount! First ride out to do some filming and the GoPro fell onto my chest attached to the tether. Upon inspection the mount had become detached from the glue patch leaving the tape still attached to my helmet! I sent a complaint to the “support” team to get advice on how to attach the mount to my helmet. Their answer “really looking forward to seeing your footage” ..what? This company are a shambles, I have left them a 1 star review on their website, to sit alongside the hundreds of 5* reviews. I think they must delete anything less than 5* on their website as my 1* review has never made it onto the site. Do not believe the marketing hype this mount is next to useless."

As you can see, these customers attempted to leave bad reviews directly on only to have them never show up on the website. The worst part, as evidenced by the second photo, is that if you DO have an issue, they tell you to either buy another $35 mount from them or give you unrealistic requirements that make it nearly impossible to get any sort of refund, such as sending the product back in it's original, resell-able, packaging, for a full refund.

CHINMOUNTS chin mount failed broken gopro mount

So unless you want your GoPro ending up like the picture above, which is from @TurboJames_ a genuine customer that went back and found their GoPro on the freeway after it had fallen off while using a CHINMOUNTS mount, then stay far, far, away from


Excuse us a moment while we show some bias - but here at MotoRadds, we have tested our mounts to the extremes. We have lifted dozens of pounds of barbell weights inside of a helmet by just the mount, we have lifted heavy electric bikes by the mount, and much more. We are confident in our product. The FLEX Slim chin mount is the best and the strongest chin mount on the market and we are confident in that. We don't use cheap materials. We use authentic 3M directly from the source. We are so confident in our helmet mounts that we offer a hassle-free lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns. Meaning if you're not 100% in love with your product, you can return it for a full refund. It doesn't have to be in its original packaging. It doesn't have to be in resell-able condition. Heck, you don't even have to pay the return shipping - we'll foot that bill AND refund you your original shipping costs, because we are that confident that you'll love it. As for the lifetime warranty, if at any time during the ownership of your mount you have any sort of issue, we will provide a replacement at absolutely no cost to you, and again, we will cover the shipping. This includes self-destructed instances. If you take a spill on your motorcycle and the mount hits the ground and is damaged, your lifetime warranty covers that. Just be sure to keep the damaged mount to send back to us.

So if you're looking for complete security and a business that still holds integrity and provides what's best for the customer, give us a shot. Our products are cheaper. Our products are stronger. We will take care of you - and we'll even let you post authentic, positive OR negative reviews on our website or TrustPilot. We do, however, want to put a disclaimer: OUR MOUNTS SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH HELMETS THAT HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE CREASE DOWN THE CENTER. This includes: AGV Pista/Corsa (the K series are fine), SIMPSON BANDIT, SCORPION EXO420 and anything else with a crease down the center. The reason why, is our mounts are completely flexible except for a very small square section in the dead center. This is where our steel anchor core is and where the 4 screws connect the steel core to the plastic mounting thread. Those 4 screws cannot bend because they are anchored down into the plastic. So anything within that perimeter of the 4 screws is going to be rock solid. However, we made it as narrow as possible, so everything outside of that perimeter can be bent according to the shape necessary.

We hope you give our mount a shot. We care about your GoPro/Insta360 the same way you do and the most disappointing thing we can experience is customers having a poor experience. Give it a shot, and if you don't love it, send it back for a full refund. We'll take care of you.

You can check out the FLEX Slim here:
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