GoPro/Insta360 Camera Chin Mount for Shoei RF-1400 Helmet

The best helmet chin mount to use with your Shoei RF-1400 is going to be between the MotoRadds Original Universal Chin Mount and the MotoRadds FLEX Slim. The main difference between the two mounts in this case is going to be the mounting point. So you need to decide whether you prefer the buckle clip mounting point or the thumbscrew mounting point. The buckle clip lets you use many more extension options, whereas the thumbscrew is a bit more subtle on the days you're not using a camera attached. If you plan to get creative with extensions, the Original Mount might be for you. If you're just looking for something that comes to you with everything you need to get your camera mounted and at the right angle, then the FLEX Slim is your mount. The Original Universal Chin Mount was designed around this helmet's predecessor, the RF-1200, as it's main base template, so it's a perfect fit as the 1400 maintains the same curvature shape. If you're using the Original Universal chin mount, be sure to pick up a J hook and a small extension arm so you have complete adjustability of your POV. If you're using the FLEX Slim, everything you need is included in the box.

Below is an image of the MotoRadds Original Universal Chin Mount on the chin of a Shoei RF1200, the divot on the Shoei RF1400 is just a little bit different but the mount still fits the curvature extremely well.
Shoei RF-1200 chin mount

To see a great install video, check out our friends from showing how they installed the MotoRadds chin mount to their Shoei RF-1200 by clicking here.