ICON Airflite

The ICON Airflite was the biggest industry disruptor in 2019 when it came into the scene with a visor that dropped all the way down to the chin area. Unfortunately, this made mount a GoPro to the chin area of your ICON Airflite an extremely difficult challenge. Luckily, we're pretty innovative over here at MotoRadds and we were able to make a mount that attaches directly to the visor and even hooks into the vents to give it extra security. This became our MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount for ICON Airflite

In the photo below, you can see exactly what we mean by extra security. Two prongs slip into the vent holes to use the weight of the GoPro to apply pressure to the inside of the visor making it more and more secure the more weight you have on it. It still has the security of authentic 3M VHB adhesive just for good measure.
ICON Airflite chin mount

This chin mount is the best way to mount your GoPro to an ICON Airflite helmet.

ICON Airflite chin mount MotoRadds

We also recommend grabbing a J hook and an arm extension just in case you want to adjust the POV to your liking. The J hook and arm extension combined gives you a bit more versatility in your placement option.