Shoei RF-1200

The best helmet chin mount to use with your Shoei RF-1200 is going to be the MotoRadds Original Universal Chin Mount. The Original Universal Chin Mount was designed around this helmet as it's main base template, so it's a perfect fit. We recommend mounting above the bevel on the chin area but just below the vent (when opened) for the best angle. To get an even better angle, be sure to pick up a J hook and a small extension arm so you have complete adjustability of your POV.

Below is an image of the MotoRadds Original Universal Chin Mount on the chin of a Shoei RF1200 and in the placement that we recommend.
Shoei RF-1200 chin mount

To see a great install video, check out our friends from showing how they installed the MotoRadds chin mount to their Shoei RF-1200 by clicking here.