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FLEX Slim Universal Flexible Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

FLEX Slim Universal Flexible Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

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The FLEX Slim is the most innovative, most universal, and most versatile helmet chin mount ever made. We started with the Original Universal Chin Mount, and it was good, but it didn't reach compatibility levels that we wanted. So we innovated even further. This led to the creation of the FLEX Mount series. FLEX Mounts are build with the highest quality steel as a base skeleton. That is then coated in a soft, protective, layer of silicone. Finally, the mounting point is high quality, injection molded, polycarbonate and it's securely fastened to the steel and the silicone with black-oxide steel screws. 

This mount is completely bendable, flexible, formable and moldable to any shape. No helmet shape is too aggressive for it. It's the best chin mount for motorcycle helmets, for mountain bike helmets, for snowmobile helmets, for go kart helmets, for all helmets!


WATCH: How to install your FLEX Slim Chin Mount for Mounting a GoPro or Insta360 to Your Motorcycle Helmet 

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