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"Talk To Me Goose" Carbon Fiber Style Keytag

"Talk To Me Goose" Carbon Fiber Style Keytag

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Are you or your close friend, family or significant other a die hard fan of Top Gun and need the perfect keychain for their car, motorcycle or airplane? Then stop here. You've found it! This keychain takes the iconic "Talk to Me, Goose" line from Top Gun and puts it with you at all times. This is a fun gift for anyone joining the air force, getting an iconic H2, or just a big fan of the film. Our carbon fiber style keytags are the first of their kind. Only MotoRadds and our affiliates have carbon fiber keytags - they can't be found anywhere else. Be one of the first people using this sleek accessory on their keychains.

Why You Need A Keytag

-Won't scratch your tank!
-Easy to pull out of your pockets even with gloves!
-Express yourself!
-Always know which keys are yours!
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